My name is Lee and I am a highly qualified, experienced life Coach. If you strive to get the very best out of life and want a coach and a team of therapists who gets results, fast, then please keep reading. I’d like to share a little information about my personal journey so far as I feel that it is important for me to be authentic and real about my own past and how I came to where I am now.

I used to run several limited companies with many different business partners, then during the credit crunch the business suffered a decline and with a knock on effect I ended up closing down all the businesses. I used to live a very expensive life style and had huge sum of debt. I then went through a period of mental illness which was probably brought on by the stress. But I came out of the other-side a stronger more determined person.  I now work as a independent consultant and have learned to structure my life and business to reduce risk and stress.

Because I have gone through a genuine transformation like a caterpillar into a butterfly I am in a unique position to advise people and be a life coach and with my team of therapists can help resolve any inner conflicts you may have so you can achieve your dreams.

‘Stovin Therapy’ is testimony to myself overcoming hard times and mental illness and is proof that strength can always be found, even in the darkest of times. The trials and troubles in your life you too can overcome. You can turn anything into an opportunity for growth and transformation like a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly , if you make that choice today.

I am a self taught therapist and have learned from going through grievance and mental illness myself. I can give you the tools to cope with anything life can throw at you.

I look forward to hearing from you.